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Project Management Assignment Help

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The subject of project management includes planning, organizing, and examine the execution of the project in an organization. Project management is one of the subjects in the MBA stream. Professors assign the task of making assignments on it. Most of the students lack the knowledge of project management and also don't know how to make assignments. That is why students are searching for online project management assignment help.

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Project management

Project management requires some specific skills and knowledge to accomplish the purpose of a project. A project can be efficiently managed when all the stages are well planned and executed in a particular way. For example, you are assigned a project on constructing a residential building. Now for completion of a project, you will do certain work like appoint the engineer and workforce, collect the material used for construction, follow the various phases of construction, estimating the cost, etc.


Stages of project management

There are five stages of project management which are mentioned below:

  • Stage1: Project commencement
  • It is the initial step of the project and the objective of this stage is to explain the project briefly. In the business case, first, you will do research.

  • Stage 2: Project planning
  • This stage is important for the success of project management. In this, you will make a blueprint that will follow while executing the project. It starts with setting objectives. The two methods of setting objectives are S.M.A.R.T. or C.L.E.A.R:
    S.M.A.R.T. stands for:
    S-specific goal
    M-measurable goal
    A- attainable goal
    R- realistic goal
    T- timely achievable goal
    C.L.E.A.R. stands for:
    C-collaborative goal
    L- limited goal
    E- emotional attachment
    A- appreciable goal
    R- refinable goal

  • Stage 3: Project implementation
  • In this stage, you will execute the project. In today's competitive world, organizations appoint a project manager who helps in the application and execution of the planning.

  • Stage 4: Project monitoring
  • It includes the measurement of project performance and ensures that everything is going on with the plan or not. Project managers ensure that not even a single step will miss.

  • Stage 5: Project closure
  • Once all the steps are all executed properly, then your project comes to an end.

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  • Management of project risk.
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  • Management of quality.
  • Cost management.
  • Time management.

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