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Corporate Finance Assignment Help

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Definition Of Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is a division of finance that deals with financing, capital structuring, and investment decisions. Corporate finance is primarily concerned with maximizing shareholder value through long and short-term financial planning and the implementation of various strategies. Corporate finance activities range from capital investment decisions to investment banking.


The Main Points of corporate finance

  • Investment and capital budgeting
  • Investment and capital budgeting is the section of finance which deals with the long term investment goals of a company so that it can generate a good return over some time. There are numerous tools and techniques is attached, which is used to determine the risks involved and returns expected. It is done by studying the income of the company.

  • Capital financing
  • It is the finance arm which is responsible for optimizing the finance of the company through equities and debt. It is important to maintain the balance between the two because too much or equity selling or too much debt is not good for any company’s financing models.

  • Dividends and capital return
  • It part deals with the excess cash that is earned by the company. Now it depends on management if they want this profit to invest in the business like the expansion of products or the service area or if they want to clear the debt or pay dividends to its stakeholders. It is a good idea to expand the business, but it is also good to pay dividends to its investors. The balance is checked through different tools.

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