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C Homework Help

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What Is The C Language?

C is a programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories. It was mainly created as a structured programming language to write a working system. This language was initially given to write an operating system because it is easy to use and quite reliable also.

The C language can directly communicate with the hardware. The basic characteristics of C language involve low-level access to memory the basic arrangement of keywords, and clean style. This language depends upon the need of a programmer. Major parts of most operating systems such as Windows, Linux and UNIX are coded in C.

All the C programs are written into files that have an extension (.c). There are 32 keywords in c language. Keywords can not be used as variable names. This language is also known as machine language.


C Homework Help

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Importance Of C Language

  • All Programs written in C language are efficient due to several varieties of data types and powerful operators.
  • The C Programming Language has just 32 keywords. They can be used for building up the program.
  • C Programming language is a structured programming language, so it was used for the created operating framework.
  • C is a transferable language, it implies C projects written for one PC framework, and we can be kept running on another structure.
  • The most important component of the C Programming Language is we can continuously add our own functions to the library with the availability of a large number of functions.

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