11 Major Reasons Why is Homework Harmful For Students

Homework should be assigned only if the instructor has doubts about whether the student understood the lesson. At the same time, the more practice students get on the topic, the better the chances of the concepts being reinforced and retained. 

However, too much homework can be a burden on the students, especially young students. As a result, it may affect the quality of their studies. This blog explains 11 major reasons why is homework harmful for students.

Do Students Need Homework?

One of the most common questions we get is whether students need homework. The debate about whether schoolwork should be assigned outside of school has been going on for decades. 

Teachers and students are divided on the issue of whether students should have homework or not. But in reality, homework is important to improve students’ understanding of what they have learned in class. 

Moreover, homework is important to have a good foundation of knowledge. It also helps students develop their ability to do things that they can’t do under the supervision of the teachers.

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Reasons Why is Homework Harmful For Students

1. Lack of social skills

2. Homework limits a student’s freedom

3. Stress Issues

4. Disrupt the sleep cycle

5. Time wastage 

6. Loss of Creativity

7. School became a full-time job

8. More homework promotes cheating

9. Utilize free time

10. More homework cause poor-quality work

11. No time for family

Lack of Social Skills

The reason why is homework harmful for students is because students are more focused on their studying and not on socializing which is helpful with their communication skills. If a student doesn’t have good communication skills then that student can’t communicate with his/her teacher or other students. So in a way it is harmful because if a student doesn’t communicate with others it can make him/her feel lonely or not part of the group.

Homework Limits a Student’s Freedom

Homework can do more harm than good for students. This is because it limits a student’s freedom. Homework takes away from the time a student has to enjoy things. It also limits what a student gets to do. 

For example, a student has to do their homework but they want to play videogames with their friends. The student has to choose what to do. Homework is good because it helps with school work. Homework is a responsibility and a way to learn.

Stress Issues

Making your child work harder to learn is not the only reason it’s bad. Homework can be harmful to students because after a long day at school and a bunch of other things they have to do (like extra curricular and mastering sports), they should be able to have some time to themselves.

With homework on top of all that, they’re likely to be stressed out and not able to focus on their school work. However, having a good amount of homework can be a good thing because it motivates the student, who’s parents and teachers will help them learn and understand it.

However, this is a reason why is homework harmful for students. 

Disrupt the Sleep Cycle

Students who are studying in the evening may end up doing all the assignments late into the night. This can be harmful as it can disrupt their sleep cycle. For students who have to get up early to attend school, a disruption of their sleep can be very harmful. 

In addition, it can lead to a lack of productivity and a sense of angst, not to mention the lack of sleep could affect their mental health as well as performance in school. It can also affect their physical health. One of the main functions of sleep is to replenish the body. If you don’t have enough sleep, your body can’t perform its basic functions properly.

Time Wastage

The main reason why homework is harmful for students is time wastage, which is the most valuable resource a student has. This is more evident for older students. By the time high school hits, students have many more responsibilities, including extracurricular activities and jobs. This leaves them less and less time to study and complete their homework. The problem is amplified by the fact that recent studies show that assigned homework has negative long-term effects on students’ grades.

Loss of Creativity

Why is homework harmful for students? The main reason is loss of creativity. 

Students are forced to complete worksheets and take tests which kill their natural curiosity. They are restricted to the curriculum which is mostly concerned with details. Students in these times have no access to computers. They are not allowed to use calculators. They have to use pre-printed materials supplied by the school, pencils, etc. all these things keep the children away from their natural creativity.

School Became a Full-Time Job

School consumes a significant amount of time that could be spent on other activities. However, if you’re an adult who works full-time and has a family, school may be the only thing keeping your career alive. It’s also stressful in many cases with tests and homework. It is a full-time job.

More Homework Promotes Cheating

One of the most common arguments against homework is the claim that it gives students a reason to cheat. 

According to research, homework is actually harmful for students, and this research comes from the United Kingdom. They have been researching why homework is detrimental to students and have found that homework is actually harmful to students. After diving into the subject matter and interviewing teachers as well as students, it is clear that homework is not good for students. In fact, more homework promotes cheating.

However, this is a reason why is homework harmful for students. 

Utilize Free Time

Students spend a significant amount of time doing homework while neglecting to spend time with their families, friends, and participating in extracurricular activities. In fact, studies have shown that teenagers who spend too much time on homework have lower grades, lower self-esteem, and a sense of rejection from their peers.

Spending time on homework takes time away from family and friends, which is an important part of growing up.

More homework cause poor-quality work

Homework can be a helpful way for students to practice school subjects outside the classroom. For example, doing math problems can help a student learn the concepts better. 

But doing too much homework can be harmful. Students who do too much homework:

  • Spend less time playing and enjoying other activities
  • Have less time for family* Get lower grades
  • Feel less motivated* Feel more stress
  • Are more likely to get sick
  • Work less on classwork due to lack of motivation
  • Are more likely to drop out of school

No Time for Family

Why homework is harmful for students and what we can do about it. Homework takes away time that students could use for quality family time, which is often overlooked. Not only that, but the rigors of homework can cause stress to build up. Studies have found out that stress can contribute to mental and physical illnesses. The most common cause of student stress is homework. Try to avoid homework on nights and weekends, because it will affect you in the long run.


In this article, we have discussed some of the major reasons why is homework harmful for students. So, if you are a parent or a teacher, then you should think twice before giving homework to your student. It’s not a good idea to assign a lot of homework to a student.

Too much homework, in my opinion, is harmful. Students should not be given as much homework as they are. Students should participate in extracurricular activities because no one is intelligent in their studies. Outdoor sports are something that some students excel at.

FAQs (Why is Homework Harmful For Students)

Q1. How does homework affect students’ brains?

Homework can have an impact on students’ mental and physical health. According to a Stanford University study, homework was the primary source of stress for 56% of students. Too much homework can lead to sleep deprivation, headaches, exhaustion, and weight loss.

Q2. Why should kids have less homework?

Students have shown that by reducing homework, they get more sleep, which can lead to better physical and mental health. Reduced homework allows students to live a more balanced life at home. Students have been shown to be more motivated to learn when homework is reduced.

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