Key Features of Python Programming In 2023

1. Easy to Code

Python is a high-level programming language that is simple to learn.

2. Easy to Read

Python code appears to be straightforward English words. Semicolons and brackets are not used.

3. Free and Open-Source

Python is developed under an open source licence authorised by the OSI. As a result, it is absolutely free to use.

4. Robust Standard Library

Python has a large standard library that anyone can utilise.

5. Interpreted

When a programming language is interpreted, the source code is run line by line.

6. Portable

Python is portable in the sense that it can run the same code on several machines.

7. Object-Orientedto Code

An object-oriented programming language is one that designs around data and objects rather than functions and logic.

8. Extensible

If a programming language can be expanded to other languages, it is said to be extensible.

9. Expressive

Python just requires a few lines of code to do complicated things.

10. Support for GUI

Support for GUI, or Graphical User Interface, is an important feature of any programming language.

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