Most Popular JavaScript Coding Tips

1. Use const and let instead of var

Use const for variables that will not change and let for variables that will change.

2. Use arrow functions

Arrow functions are a more concise way of writing functions and have a more intuitive this binding.

3. Use template literals

Template literals make it easier to concatenate strings and variables.

4. Use destructuring

Destructuring allows you to extract values from arrays and objects and assign them to variables.

5. Use spread syntax

Spread syntax allows you to expand an array or object into individual elements.

6. Use default parameters

Default parameters allow you to provide default values for function parameters.

7. Use the ternary operator

The ternary operator is a shorthand way of writing if/else statements.

7. Use the object shorthand notation

The object shorthand notation allows you to create objects more quickly.

9. Use the array methods

Array methods like map, filter, and reduce can make your code more concise and readable.

10. Use strict mode

Strict mode is a mode that can be enabled in JavaScript to catch common coding mistakes and make your code more secure.

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