Tips: How to overcome homework procrastination

1. Break it down

If you're feeling overwhelmed by a large homework assignment, break it down into smaller.

2. Set goals and deadlines

Set specific goals for what you want to accomplish during your homework session, and give yourself a deadline.

3. Use a timer

Set a timer for a specific amount of time, and commit to working on your homework for that entire time.

4. Create a distraction-free environment

Turn off your phone and other electronics that might tempt you to procrastinate.

5. Take breaks

Taking short breaks can help you stay focused and avoid burnout. Try taking a 10-15 minute break every hour or so.

6. Use positive self-talk

Instead of telling yourself you "should" or "have to" do your homework, use positive self-talk to motivate yourself.

7. Reward yourself

Set up a system of rewards for yourself for completing your homework.

8. Ask for help

If you're struggling with a particular assignment or subject, don't be afraid to ask for help.

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