10 Data Science Projects for Beginners

1. Analyze the Titanic dataset

You can use this dataset to explore various data analysis techniques, such as data cleaning, feature engineering, and visualization.

2. Predict housing prices

Use a dataset containing information about houses, such as their location, size, and age.

3. Sentiment analysis

Use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze the sentiment of a large collection of text data.

4. Image classification

Use machine learning algorithms to classify images into different categories.

5. Customer segmentation

Use clustering techniques to group customers into different segments based on their behavior.

6. Spam detection

Use NLP techniques to build a machine learning model that can detect whether an email is spam or not.

7. Predicting employee churn

Use machine learning algorithms to predict which employees are likely to leave a company, based on factors.

8. Credit risk analysis

Use machine learning algorithms to analyze credit data and predict the likelihood of a customer defaulting on their loan.

9. Time series forecasting

Use machine learning algorithms to forecast future values of a time series, such as stock prices or weather patterns.

10. Fraud detection

Use machine learning algorithms to detect fraudulent behavior, such as credit card fraud or insurance fraud.

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