10 Creative writing exercises for beginners

1. Write a letter to your future self. Imagine yourself 5, 10 or 20 years from now and write a letter to that version of yourself.

2. Write a short story about a character who is stuck in a room with no way out. Describe the character's emotions and thoughts as they try to escape.

3. Write a poem about a sunset or a sunrise. Use descriptive language to paint a picture of the sky and how it makes you feel.

4. Describe a place you've never been to. Imagine a location you've always been curious about, such as a far-off country, etc

5. Write a story that starts with the sentence "It was a dark and stormy night." Use vivid language and descriptive imagery to set the scene.

6. Write a scene where two characters have an argument. Describe their body language, facial expressions, and the dialogue they exchange.

7. Write a story that is entirely dialogue. Create two or three characters and write a conversation.

8. Write a memoir about a significant event in your life. Reflect on a moment that had a big impact on you.

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