Top 8 Best Programming Languages for AI

1. Python 

Python is beloved among developers for its easy syntax and object-oriented approach to code maintenance.

2. Lisp 

Lisp (historically styled as LISP) is one of the earliest AI development languages in use.

3. Java

Its main advantage is that its virtual machine allows you to utilise Java practically everywhere, on any platform.

4. C++ 

C++ has been around for a while and is, admittedly, a low-level language.

5. R 

R is a popular programming language for both beginning and experienced statisticians.

6. Julia

Julia is a relatively recent language for AI development.

7. Prolog

Instead of utilising coded sequences, you just sketch down a basic set of facts, rules, goals, and questions in Prolog.

8. Haskell 

Haskell is a fully functional programming language that is statically typed.

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