Most Popular Applications of Cloud Computing

1. Online Data Storage

Cloud computing provides for the storing and access of data such as files, photos, audio, and videos on the cloud.

2. Backup and Recovery

Cloud service providers provide secure cloud storage and backup for data and resources.

3. Big Data Analysis

The enormously huge volume of big data makes standard data management solutions incapable of storing it.

4. Testing and Development

Cloud computing applications are the most convenient way to test and build products.

5. Antivirus Applications

Cloud computing brings with it cloud antivirus software, which is kept in the cloud and monitors viruses and malware in the organization's system.

6. E-commerce Application

Cloud-based ecommerce software allow users and e-businesses to respond swiftly to new opportunities.

7. Cloud Computing in Education

Some of the most significant developments brought about by cloud computing applications in the education industry are e-learning, online distance learning programmes, etc.

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